Veronica is one of the founders of In Good Spanish. She earned her degree as a Certified English-Spanish Translator from Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduation, she worked as a Research Specialist at one of the main Headhunting companies from Switzerland, Egon Zehnder International, where she was in charge of the LATAM segment for the Mass Consumption area of the company and obtained experience and adaptability in terms of different regional variations of Spanish, and multicultural knowledge. She is a member of the Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires. As Vendor Manager in IGS, she is responsible for recruiting the best professionals in the field based not only on production and the ever-changing market needs, but also on the company’s strategic development plans. Always in strong collaboration with linguists and clients alike, she takes the lead to provide reliable and high-quality translation services, which is reflected in the long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors that In Good Spanish has built and maintained over the years.



Cora is one of the founding members of In Good Spanish. She is a Certified Translator (English-Spanish), graduated Magna Cum Laude from Universidad del Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina. Her years devoted to the hospitality industry working for Hyatt International, as well as Hyatt Corporation (Colorado, USA) and Gulf Bay Hospitality (Florida, USA) laid the foundations for her English language proficiency and her multicultural awareness and social skills. Back in Argentina, she worked in the winemaking industry providing language services for the Exports Department of Grupo Peñaflor S.A. In her role of Client Relations Manager, she focuses on building strong relationships with both existing and prospect clients by addressing their specific business needs, helping them navigate "the translation world" with a teamwork approach in mind so their requirements are met as effectively and profitably as possible and, most importantly, by ensuring our clients are always HAPPY with the results.





Jimena is a Technical, Scientific and Literary Translator as well as a Conference Interpreter (English-Spanish) graduated Magna Cum Laude from Universidad del Salvador (USAL), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the course of her career, she has gained experience as a translator and editor in various technical fields, such as Medicine, Mechanics, Agriculture, Patents, among others, and ventured into the creative world of transcreations, copy adaptations, cultural reviews and marketing materials in general. In her daily tasks as Quality Manager at In Good Spanish, she helps ensure that all internal quality control processes are followed and that client’s needs, requirements and expectations are met (and hopefully exceeded!). She is constantly in the search for up-to-date approaches that help IGS meet the highest quality standards in the market.



Ana Paula has worked at In Good Spanish since its inception. She graduated as a Certified Translator (English-Spanish) and English Teacher from Universidad del Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina. After several years providing services in the winemaking industry, she worked as a freelance translator for many international and domestic companies and agencies. As the Production Manager in IGS, training new linguists, preparing specialized teams and streamlining internal processes are part of her everyday tasks. Also, she is in charge of developing a strong and responsive team of linguists for us to be, every year, more than ready to meet our clients’ expectations during the hectic times of the Healthcare Season. Her vast experience in the various knowledge fields, strong commitment and project management capabilities are echoed in every project she handles and coordinates.



Before getting started in the translation industry, Andrés gained vast experience in project management working in logistics for many well-known local companies. This background knowledge supports the tasks he performs diligently each day at In Good Spanish, showing a strong commitment to finding the perfect team for each of the more than 1100 projects he manages every year and coordinating high-volume projects among many of our linguists. His dedication and responsiveness make him always available for clients and linguists alike. Besides, he masters most of the CAT Tools on the market, as well as Office, Adobe and other design software. He plays a key role especially during the busiest times of the year, such as Healthcare Season, when he demonstrates his strong skills to ensure we meet not only the rush turn-around times and the heavy workloads, but also the highest expectations of our end clients.

Laura Jmelnitzky


Laura’s impressive background knowledge is an asset for our company. As a result of her studies at Instituto Modelo Hebreo Argentino Rambam, she masters four languages (Spanish, English, Hebrew and Yiddish) and demonstrates outstanding multicultural skills in every single project she handles. Apart from being involved in the project management tasks on a daily basis, she works in close collaboration with our vendors to ensure they deliver quality services on time, showing unique soft skills that contribute to the diligent and reliable work she performs every day at In Good Spanish. Having a degree in Audio Visual Media Production and being a web content and computing expert, she is responsible for producing and publishing creative content for our social media and website, as well as formulating new strategies to meet our company’s wide marketing goals.

Silvia Splovich


Silvia worked in the banking industry for 34 years, where she held various positions, from Cashier and Treasurer to HQ Accountant. After joining the In Good Spanish team in 2012, her deep knowledge of finance and accounting and her meticulousness made her a crucial element for the processing of each project we receive and deliver. Currently she is in charge of a wide range of administrative duties, such as Invoicing, Collection, Payment to linguists and bank account management, among other back-office tasks.